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Q. Are my household valuables an easy target for thieves?
With no central database of owners being linked to their valuables, and a lack of unique identifiers on each valuable, the answer is ‘yes’.
Q. How does DataDot or Microdots reduce the risk of theft?
The DataDot Theft Deterrent and Recovery System secures the identity of your valuable. Microdots are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by using a UV light and magnifying device. It is virtually impossible to locate and remove all the microdots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your valuable or its parts without fear of being caught and prosecuted. A warning sticker acts as a further deterrent to thieves.
Q. Are they easy to apply?
Yes, they are very easy to apply. Please contact us on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel: 0861 1000 10 should you have any questions.
Q. Where are the DataDots or microdots put on my valuable?
They are applied to multiple locations on your valuable - both overt and covert.
Q. How do I buy the DataDot Theft Deterrent and Recovery System
Buy it online or alternatively contact us on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel: 0861 1000 10
Q. What is the DataDot App?
It is a national database sponsored by DataDot Technology SA that has been launched to counter the rising theft rate of valuables in South Africa. Without this database it is difficult to prove ownership of stolen and then recovered goods. Owners can, through registration of serial numbers and the unique DataDot code on this central database load and update details making it easier for the Police to convict criminals.
Q. How does the DataDot App help the Police?
The Register can be accessed by the police. An asset's status may be queried by searching for the serial number or DataDot PIN.
Q: Does the DataDot system have to be activated as with tracking devices?
NO. The DataDot system is not a tracking device. It is an identification tool used in the recovery of valuables.
Q: What do I need to do should my valuable or asset be stolen?
Simply report the theft to the SAPS as per the standard procedure stating your valuable or asset has been microdotted. The SAPS currently have access to information on The App.
Q: What happens when I sell my asset?
Any change to ownership details may be done on the Register. Hence when the unique microdot is identified it will be linked to the new owner.
Q: Who can I call for more information or help with regards to DataDot?
Call DataDot on - 0861 DATADOT or 0861 3282368
Q: Is DataDot the same as a tracking device?
No. DataDot protects the identity of the asset it is fitted to and does not provide an electronic method of tracking the asset or valuable.
Q: Why do we need Datadots or Microdots?
Because it is currently very easy to steal a valuable or asset. Finding the microdots is easy, but removing all of them is almost impossible.