Police Clearance

What is a RPC or Request for Police Clearance?

In addition to all manufactured and imported vehicles being fitted with microdots, legislation has also made it compulsory from September 2012 that vehicles, motorbikes, trailers, quads, tractors, trucks, mining equipment and construction equipment may need Police Clearance if one of the following reasons apply :

  • The ownership of the vehicle has changed
  • The colour of the vehicle has changed
  • The engine has been replaced
  • The vehicle has previously been reported stolen and then recovered
  • If the engine or chassis number differs from the number on the registration certificate (even by one digit)
  • If no documentation is received from the previous owner of the vehicle
  • If the VIN has been updated
  • Sarpco Clearance is required
  • Cross Border Visits are required

It is the owner of the vehicles responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is microdotted in accordance with this regulation, with the Police Clearance certificate not being issued without compliance with this Regulation.  If the Registering Authority determines from eNaTIS that a vehicle must be issued with a SAPS vehicle clearance then the following will apply :



 Find out if your vehicle has been fitted with DataDot and where your nearest DataDot Accredited Fitment Centre is by clicking on the link below :

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