DataDotSA Sponsor Environmental Mat

DataDotSA Sponsors Environmental Race Mat

We continue to stay true to our environmental core value and ISO14001 status by taking measures that address environmental concerns

- one of which is the sponsorship of an environmental race mat for the Off Road Enduro Ladies (OEL)  Team.  The race mat addresses the ever prevalent environmental concerns by helping to prevent damaging liquid spillage.

So .... if you have ever wanted to be part of a muddy feast, have fun and enjoy a tough challenge then perhaps you should have a look at Enduro Racing. Enduro is a form of motorcycle sport run on extended cross-country and off-road courses. Off-Road Enduro Ladies (OEL) is a group of ladies, and now lads, who participate in almost every off-road and enduro series in Gauteng as well as social rides such as Farmjam, Funduro, Holfontein 100 and Ride for Damain. OEL also manage and run their own events during the year, from weekend rides to well-known annual ladies days which sees as many as 50 ladies and over 100 additional supporters attend.

Their current focus is managing the team which consists of 12 ladies all partaking at various levels of competitive or social riding. They are attempting to increase the exposure for ladies in a male dominated off-road industry as well as create awareness for the sport.

This year OEL Lads was formed. So far membership exceeds 30, making the OEL brand a co-ed for brand for over 60 riders.

For more information contact:
Chantelle Pieterse at CJ Cycles
Telephone : 013 932 0691
8 Mulder Street

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