DataDot 4 Million Milestone Achieved

DataDot reaches yet another Unparalleled Milestone

DataDot Technology SA has achieved yet another unparalled milestone as it continues to pioneer growth in the microdot industry.

As of April 2018 DataDot Technology SA (DDSA) will have microdotted in excess of 4 Million vehicles thus securing the identity of more than 80% of microdotted motor vehicles currently on South African roads.

DDSA has been securing the identity of vehicles and other valuable assets with this innovative technology since its inception in 2001. Microdots have been proven to reduce the risk of theft by as much as 50% and statistics show that 60% of vehicles microdotted with DataDot have been recovered in theft situations. With the introduction of legislation in 2012, which requires all newly manufactured and imported vehicles to be microdotted, DataDot Technology SA together with other crime fighting institutions have worked hand in hand to reduce vehicle crime.

DDSA has introduced this technology together with other innovative solutions to clients across many industry sectors such as the mining, construction, agricultural and marine sectors. These microdot and innovative solutions target the market of stolen goods, empowering the asset owner and all role-players in the crime fighting community to win the war against crime and thus reduce the risk and negative impact that crime has on the economy of South Africa.

DataDot Technology SA endeavours to continue to remain true to the company’s core values and remains at all times committed to the fight against crime across all sectors in South Africa.

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