Simplistic Solutions for the Mining Industry

Simplistic Identification Solutions for the Mining Industry


DataDot Technology SA Business Analyst - Chris Naude and Senior Project Manager - Charles Morley recently attended a mining expo that was presented by MTE (Mining and Technical Exhibitions) in Mooinooi, North West. The purpose behind this exhibition was to demonstrate what Identification Solutions DataDot can provide to the Platinum and Mining supply sector in South Africa.

Global Platinum Mine supply remains constrained, with South African producers facing the challenges of not only a low-price environment but also rising costs, regulatory uncertainties, safety stoppages and theft.

MTE has been in operation for the last 21 years. During 2017, 33 exhibitions and two golf days will have been held across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. The main goal of every exhibition is to connect mine personnel with suppliers and potential suppliers - where product demonstrations can take place and business information can be exchanged.

Datadot Technology identified the following problems being faced by the mining sector:

  • Theft of equipment and tools
  • Misplacement of assets
  • Identification problems of assets
  • Rising costs due to replacement of stolen and misplaced assets
  • Authentication of mining minerals and materials due to theft of chrome and other raw materials

The DataDot Mining solution is utilised for authentication, theft reduction and asset management through a combined cost effective software and product solution. The main solutions are as follows:

Software Solutions which links the information of the microdot technology, the details of the load being transported, to the details of the driver and the vehicle. The vehicle is monitored and controlled by the client through this system with alerts should there be any deviation of the planned route.

Concentrate Material – made up of DNA Data Beads which contain UV trace and microdots.

Vehicle and Asset marking – This includes a variety of specifically designed products for vehicles, yellow metal, office equipment, tools and equipment. The products are either polymer or metal microdots dependent on the surface to which it is applied. The DataDot App is used to secure the identity of the owner of the asset to the asset itself through the system.

Transport Management – DataDot Powered Telematics Device – Robust, mobile, self-powered, movement sensor device that requires no installation.

Customised Microdots – Polymer microdots used in products are sequential and can be customised in certain circumstances per mine. This will be for integrity and authentication of loads or for asset marking. Due to legislation microdots cannot be customised for vehicles.

Theft Management – Securing the identity of the asset or product with unique covert identification as provided through our system provides the solution to law enforcement agencies that recover suspected stolen items but cannot prove who the owner is. Mining houses are also then able to prosecute alleged thieves due to the ability to confirm the identity of the asset or product.

Asset Management – Assets and product are managed through the software solution and the products aforementioned. Other asset management tools include RFID and Near Field communication Technology, metal tags, barcodes and QR Codes. We adapt and develop the asset management system in line with the solution required by the client to suit the mines need and address the challenges faced.

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