Emergency Apps

5 Emergency Apps to Consider When You Need Help!

South Africans are being forced to look for ways to protect themselves and their belongings. At DataDotSA we have your belongings covered with our tiny microdots, but we have also found 5 emergency apps for you to consider that are available on either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  Download the one that suits you best.

Overview of Apps

App Namola 

Through GPS technology Namola can determine your location in order for the police to reach you faster. Trained control centre operators assist in the deployment of the correct emergency responders.


MySOS allows you to:
Initiate an emergency for yourself or on behalf of someone else, choose the nature of your emergency (medical, fire, police, sea rescue, etc) and auto-notify your registered emergency contacts on your behalf providing them with your name, mobile number, etc.

App Bull Horns Panic

With the Bull Horns Panic Button your emergency contacts will be called and a SMS sent when a one-touch button on your phone, smart watch or headphones is pressed.  Armed Response Companies can see your exact location in real time if they are partnered with Bull Horns.  In addition you are able to contribute and receive instant alerts from your local community with regards to suspicious activities, crimes, scams, trends.

 App MiBlackBox

With DAILY AND MONTHLY Options you are able to capture an image or video or audio recording of a situation and then notify emergency contacts. The files are backed up to remote servers and encrypted for secure storage.  By pressing the panic button in the app an automated call to the MiBlackBox servers will be triggered.  Any voice files are sent directly to your emergency contact which will include your location.

 App Crash Detect

With VARIOUS OPTIONS to choose from Smart drive-detection technology automatically monitors your trips. Movement sensors detect any unusual impact that you may be involved in and a signal will be sent directly to a response centre notifying them of your location. Emergency Services will be dispatched together with medical information pertaining to you. The sensors can differentiate an accident from an accidental device drop.