Crushed Vehicles at Local Pound

Uninsured Lose Out When Vehicles Are Crushed!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s damaged, in showroom condition, a luxury vehicle or a small, versatile motorbike. The real victims are the uninsured owners who are losing their entire life savings once their cars are stolen.

Vehicles end up at the pound for the following reasons:

  • The vehicle is identifiable but the owner is not available and the vehicle is not suitable or in good enough condition to be forfeited to the State as per Regulation 80 (6).
  • The vehicle is not identifiable and cannot be forfeited to the State as per Regulation 80 (6).

In 2002 Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi ordered police to crush all stolen vehicles recovered with engine and chassis numbers already removed and which could not be claimed or identified by the rightful owners. Vehicles had previously been sold at police auctions but this had created an opportunity for car syndicates and vehicle cloning.

Insurers lose millions every year and as a result the consumer bears the brunt with higher premiums. If involved in a hijacking incident owners are often too traumatised to want their car back and in cases where the insurance company has paid out the car owner, it is the property of the insurance company with no value to the previous owner. Often it is difficult to track down owners and insurance companies incur great expense in trying to identify the person.

The value of microdots and their unique way of identifying vehicles has greatly helped in recovered vehicles being identified.