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DataDot and SAPS Work Together in Successful Sting Operation

Chop ShopChop Shop 2Chop Shop 3

DataDot Technology SA assisted in a Chop Shop Operation alongside the South African Police Service, the South African Insurance Crime Bureau, members from the different insurance companies and Avis. The raid took place at a Spares Workshop operating out of Wynberg, Sandton. SAPS and DataDot managed to identify 33 parts within the first 4 hours and these 33 parts were then linked to 14 police cases.

Parts stolen included :

  • 4 x gearboxes
  • 3 x sump covers
  • 2 x timing chain covers
  • 2 x engines
  • engine mounting
  • left front door
  • engine mounting
  • bonnet
  • left rear door
  • right front door
  • axle
  • left front fender
  • right rear door
  • polo bootlid
  • steering rack
  • 3 x alternators
  • 3 x computer boxes

Investigation at the Chop Shop is continuing.

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