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Behind the scenes at DataDotSA

Behind the Scenes with DataDot's Quality Production Team

WATCH the behind the scenes music video at DataDot Technology SA

It's not often you get to have a glimpse behind the scenes of DataDot South Africa's microdot production facility.  Graham Junies and Wesley Lee - two of our valued staff members - wrote and recorded the music.  

Graham Junies, started as a Production Assistant in Sep 2011.  He was then appointed as a Lab Assistant in June 2016 where he has gained invaluable experience in the laboratory. He is also known by his stage name “G Simmons” . During his younger years he was influenced by rap & hiphop music and by the age of 16 he was writing and recording his own music.

Wesley Lee started as a Production Assistant in August 2010 and 3 years later he was promoted to Production Junior Manager. He was appointed to Compliance Officer for ISO14001 in 2016 where he helps control the company’s environmental impact. Also known by his stage name, “Mr Wez”, Wesley was drawn to writing and recording his own music at the age of 17.

Our PROUDLY DATADOT Production Team show you the processes involved in getting our microdots to our customers. Consistently manufacturing a quality product in line with ISO9001 standards means we not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. In addition we are also ISO14001 making our microdot the greenest in Africa.

For more ISO9001 information and why DataDot is ISO9001 certified CLICK HERE.

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