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Thamsanqa Kame DataDotSA

Gardener to Production Manager at DataDotSA

Eleven years ago Thamsanqa Kame worked as a gardener in George.

Today he is the young and dynamic Production Manager at #DataDotSA.

“I started this journey from nothing and came to George hopeless. When I was a gardener, I was living in a shack where there was no electricity and no water. I used to work seven days a week. There was no time for me to rest,” said Kame. “I was working very hard. I was exceptionally lucky to be surrounded by people who were willing to help me at any time and supported me on my journey through the ranks at DataDot. I also made some mistakes, but I learned that discipline, commitment, having a positive attitude and being willing to learn and take constructive criticism are very important.”

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