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DataDotSA Supporting SAPS

Microdot Technology and the Police Working Together

DataDot Technology are committed to providing a constant support function to the South African Police Service (SAPS) in the fight against crime.

We work closely with the Police and are passionate about providing a safe and secure environment for all South Africans. This can only be achieved by ensuring the police are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify vehicles and assets fitted with microdots.

Since its inception in 2001 DDSA has been committed to providing professional and effective training to SAP members and investigating officials. Our team of trainers are not only experienced but are also specialists in their field of expertise. The training aids the Police in detecting, finding, removing and confirming information found on a microdot in order to positively identify a tampered or stolen vehicle, vehicle part or asset.  To date over 20,000 police officers have been trained and supplied with police kits free of charge thus enabling officers to find and read microdots. In cases where stolen goods are recovered our DataDot App is also available to aid the police in linking those recovered items to specific cases and owners.

Numerous successes have been achieved and in some instances only by means of a single microdot. In one reported case a stolen black Honda Ballade was completely dismantled (chopped) and one single microdot was found on an engine mounting bracket linking the vehicle to the chop shop and ultimately the crime.

Statistics have proven that criminals do not appreciate “good housekeeping”, meaning when items are well marked the criminals are less interested. As a result the benefits of using microdot technology have been conveyed to neighborhood watch groups, individuals attending CPF meetings and the general public.

It is of paramount importance to DataDotSA that the correct processes and procedures are continuously followed to ensure that microdot products do not only comply with, but EXCEED all expectations in the microdot industry.

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