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Stolen Fortuner recovered in Maseru

Identity of Recovered Vehicle Proved

DataDot's were found on a stolen and recovered vehicle in Maseru confirming the identity of it. 

The Fortuner in question was reported stolen last year in Bloemfontein.  According to the latest crime stats released by the South African Police Service's (SAPS) last year, more than 1400 vehicles are hijacked each month.  In other words every 32 minutes a vehicle is hijacked.  However, thieves are wary of motor vehicles fitted with a microdot system because they know that the vehicle - or any part of it - can be identified through the thousands of tiny dots that cover the vehicle.  As a result:

  1. All new vehicles sold in South Africa must have microdot protection in terms of a 2012 government regulation. Click to view the Amendment of the Road Traffic Regulations.
  2. These regulations also require a vehicle to be microdotted as part of the police clearance processes – typically affecting any second-hand vehicle that has had, for example, a colour or engine change. 
  3. Statistics show that the theft rate of vehicles fitted with DataDot is lower than average, whilst the recovery of stolen microdotted vehicles is higher than average.
  4. Microdots are an essential protection for owners and have proved to be a huge benefit to police and insurance companies in assisting the recovery of stolen vehicles.

In addition microdots are used to successfully identify household and business assets.

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