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Decrease the Risk of Heavy Equipment Theft

Decrease the Risk of Heavy Equipment Theft!

Theft of heavy equipment in the construction, mining and agriculture sectors costs South Africa billions each year with a large percentage of the equipment never being recovered.

In cases where it is recovered identification or serial numbers have been removed or tampered with making it impossible to prove ownership. Some of crime is opportunistic whilst in other cases organised crime syndicates are involved. Is it not time to decrease the risk of theft?

Implementing procedures and security deterrents may be time consuming but it is worth it when compared to loss of equipment. Theft and vandalism is a reality and needs to be kept to a minimum. Bear these tips in mind.

Give Assets an Identity
Familiarise yourself with your equipment and mark it with uniquely coded microdots that are microscopic and applied with an advanced adhesive encoded with nanotechnology. All information pertaining to each piece of equipment should then be recorded. Information should include a photograph, the make of the machine, the model, the serial number and the corresponding PIN number should the items be microdotted. It is important that this information can be accessed easily when equipment checks are run. The DataDot App has all these features.

Give Assets a Location
Tracking devices allow owners to track the location of assets whether they are on-site or not. Reports generated can be customised allowing the owner to gain details that are ultimately important to them. The compact, rugged Oyster GPS tracking device is designed to locate and track assets where extra-long battery life is required without sacrificing update and performance information. The housing of the Oyster is IP67 rated therefore it is rugged and UV stable. As a result the Oyster can be mounted on assets that are exposed to rain and dust.

Fencing and Secure Storage
Ensure sites are secure both during the day and at night with secure fencing and gates. Make sure there is a clear view for passing law enforcement or security guards. Place No Trespassing and Warning signage where it can be clearly seen. Store equipment in secure, lockable on-site storage units.

CCTV and Video Surveillance
Make sure the area is well-lit at night and that CCTV camera and video surveillance are clearly evident. Regularly check alarm systems.

Implement routine security procedures that ensure signing in and signing out of keys. Ensure there is a system in place to check that they are removed from the ignition of the equipment and stored in a secure location.

Security Patrol
Hire a reputable security company for monitoring of the site and the people that enter it. Try and implement a user friendly system so that personal won’t cut corners.

Policies and Procedures
Theft prevention policies ensure that all employees and contractors know that the site has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to theft or “borrowing” of tools. Effective site protocol ensures all employees are trained in preserving heavy duty machinery which includes parking, shutting down and locking. In addition the presence of a manager ensures proper monitoring of procedures and places less responsibility on the employees themselves.

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