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Vehicle Police Clearance Namibia

Be Prepared If You are Travelling to Namibia!

If you are travelling by vehicle to Namibia for a short period of time – either on holiday or business - make sure your vehicle is microdotted.

Since 1st September 2012 legislation in South Africa requires that vehicles introduced on the E-Natis system must be fitted with microdots, and if such a vehicle is later exported permanently the vehicle would require a Police Clearance in the country of origin. In South Africa no police clearance can be issued unless there is a record of microdots having been fitted to the vehicle.

Should a vehicle registered in South Africa leave the country for a short period of time (e.g. in the case of a holiday or business) it is not a requirement by law that the vehicle must be fitted with microdots.

Recently however, it has become standard practice at Port of Entries to Namibia that South African Police Officials will request proof of microdots even if the vehicle is entering Namibia for a short period of time. In some cases South African Police Officials have refused entry of the vehicle into Namibia if proof of microdot fitment cannot be produced.

In order to assist travellers entering Namibia through any of the following Border Posts .....

  • Alexander Baai
  • Vioolsdrift
  • Onseepkans
  • Nakop
  • Rietfontein and
  • Matamata

...we suggest you contact DataDot South Africa to confirm whether or not your vehicle is microdotted, following which we can refer you to the nearest DataDot Fitment Centre to:

  1. Issue a certificate as proof of fitment if microdots have been fitted, or
  2. If microdots have not been fitted, to arrange a microdot fitment and receive a microdot certificate as proof of fitment.

Call us on 044-874-0836 for more information.

Enjoy your hassle free journey into Namibia!

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