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DataDotSA and COVID 19

DataDot – Pioneering the Way Forward Amidst COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on our lives, the economy of South Africa and the global economy has forced the Management and Staff of DataDot Technology South Africa to dig deep and pioneer new methods of doing business.

Our company is resilient, and we have over the years overcome many challenging moments. We are certain that we shall be able to overcome this one too.

We are happy to report that all facilities are operating according to government restrictions. Currently there are no cases of COVID-19 amongst the DataDot staff members. Controlled access to our manufacturing facilities with the addition of sanitising points has been implemented. All staff are required to undergo temperature monitoring which is duly recorded in a register. Strict social distancing is adhered to and all staff have been supplied with PPE.

We have ensured that we have sufficient stock holding of raw materials and completed stock. Regular communication with our supply chain ensures their compliance in protecting our clients. We have 3 manufacturing facilities operating with separate manufacturing teams to reduce the risk of infection.

Our management team are working remotely and are able to provide a continuous service. Our IT support and development teams have ensured continuous connectivity and transfer of data between various stakeholders thereby complying with the SAN534 requirements.

The road ahead will continue to challenge us, but we will ensure we remain productive and committed through flexibility, resilience and determination.

Keep safe and keep healthy!

From #TeamDataDot

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