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Cloned vehicle purchased unknowingly on Social Media


An unsuspecting individual purchased a vehicle through Social Media. What seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity with the offer being substantially less than the normal price, ended with the individual having no vehicle and no money.

The individual purchased the vehicle in January 2020 through Social Media. After purchasing the vehicle, he had the vehicle insured. He became aware that the vehicle could be a clone when he received a call from the brother of the original vehicle's owner after the licence could not be renewed as the vehicle changed ownership into his name.

The individual contacted their Insurance to alert them of this discrepancy. The Insurance Company contacted DataDot Technology SA to assist with investigating the originality of the vehicle.

The vehicle was investigated by removing microdots and it was established that the vehicle was indeed a clone. The vehicle was reported as stolen on a Gauteng Case of July 2019.

Caution about buying vehicles online is necessary to avoid finding yourself with no vehicle and the loss of money. You can avoid being in similar situations:

  • Never purchase a vehicle online without checking the true identity of the vehicle. This can be done by contacting DataDot on 044-874-0836 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We will advise you where your nearest accredited Microdot Fitment centre is. They will do a physical check on the vehicle and provide you with a Microdot Confirmation Certificate.
  • Alternatively, ALWAYS purchase your vehicle from a reputable motor dealership.

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