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DataDot and SAPS Work Together in Successful Sting Operation

Chop ShopChop Shop 2Chop Shop 3

DataDot Technology SA assisted in a Chop Shop Operation alongside the South African Police Service, the South African Insurance Crime Bureau, members from the different insurance companies and Avis. The raid took place at a Spares Workshop operating out of Wynberg, Sandton. SAPS and DataDot managed to identify 33 parts within the first 4 hours and these 33 parts were then linked to 14 police cases.

Parts stolen included :

  • 4 x gearboxes
  • 3 x sump covers
  • 2 x timing chain covers
  • 2 x engines
  • engine mounting
  • left front door
  • engine mounting
  • bonnet
  • left rear door
  • right front door
  • axle
  • left front fender
  • right rear door
  • polo bootlid
  • steering rack
  • 3 x alternators
  • 3 x computer boxes

Investigation at the Chop Shop is continuing.

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Executive Committee

Craig Wahl

Craig Wahl

Craig is an admitted attorney with experience in Business and Labour Law. After being admitted he worked as a Legal Advisor for SEESA, a business consultancy in East London and George. He joined DataDot Technology SA in 2013 and currently is the CEO of the company.
Derek Menday

Derek Menday

Derek was General Manager of Sales at Cargo Benoni prior to joining AVIS as National Sales Director in 1989. He joined DataDot Technology SA in 2003 and is currently an Executive Director, Executive Committee Member and a Shareholder of the company.
Chad Thomson

Chad Thomson

Chad started his career within the Commercial Security Sector. A change into commerce in 2000 saw him as Managing Director to African Independent Insurance Brokers after which he joined DataDot and currently holds the position of Senior General Manager National Operations.
Chris Naude

Chris Naude

Chris is a Qualified Chartered Accountant. Prior to joining Datadot in 2016 he worked at Questus Chartered Accountants and Profert and Vrystaat Mielies in Potchefstroom. He currently holds the position of General Manager - Business Analysis and is the Company Secretary.