DataDot Staff benefit from CPR Training


Our DataDot staff benefited from CPR Training this week and helped Emergency Disaster Response International (EDR International) in their Worldwide Challenge to educate 1000 people on CPR in 7 days.

EDR International is an independent, Christian-based non-profit Disaster Risk Reduction and Response agency based in the Garden Route, South Africa. Working within South Africa, as well as internationally, their main objective is to respond to disaster situations. They are committed to reducing disaster and health risks and are available to provide households with support during times of natural or man-made disasters.
Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the training and Gee Swart from EDR was very impressed with our facility in George, saying it was the best that he had inspected in the Western Cape.

EDR International offer various courses that teach lifesaving skills for schools and students, new parents, grandparents, babysitters and others interested in learning how to save a life. The courses can be presented in your home and Discovery Health Vitality members are also able to receive vitality points on completion of one of their courses.

So what did we learn :

  • First check whether the person is responsive by tapping on both shoulders – should the person have had a stroke they would then only be responsive on one shoulder.
  • Once you have confirmed that they are not responsive – put your hand on their chest for 10 seconds to feel for breathing.
  • If there is no breathing go down on your hands and knees and put your weakest hand on top of your strongest hand.
  • Align body and shoulders and press down using body weight – 6 cm on an adult, 5 cm on a child - using the palm of your hand.
  • Press down 30 times, wait for 4 seconds, repeat again 5 times and then let someone else take over. Only stop when the person starts to cough or when a medical response team member tells you to stop.

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