Household Crime Stats

Residential Robbery and Burglary

Some disturbing Household Crime Stats

One Non-residential robberies constituted 15.7% of all aggravated robbery during the period 2015 /2016. There is an obvious upward trend since 2012/2013.
Two In a number of the instances robberies at residential premises were actually burglaries gone wrong because the occupants of the residence woke up during the breakin and confronted the perpetrators.
Three Increasing levels of violence were observed during house robberies, particularly where occupants offered resistance. Victims were not only deprived of their property, but also frequently subjected to a range of violent contact crimes.  The use of firearms and pangas was noted.
Four Formal houses were targeted the most in Gauteng. Most entry was gained where there was a lack of physical security measures or lack of security consciousness by residents.