Bryte Insurance Releases New Crime Tracker

Downward Trend

Bryte Insurance’s new Crime Tracker recently released crime trends for 2016 based on insurance claims of homeowners and businesses. The Crime Tracker measures and records contact crimes such as house robberies, hijackings and malicious damage to property. Based on this information the following was established :

  • There is an average growth in crime of 1.1%
  • There is a decline in crimes against businesses and a move towards “softer targets” such as households.
  • Criminal trends are altering with peaks observed in April, July and September.
  • A possible increase in vigilance by home and business owners could have resulted in fewer cases reported during the December holidays.
  • Criminals are operating in organised syndicates, are well educated and are very aware of their surrounds.
  • High levels of unemployment are driving people to steal.
  • Most incidents occurred in Gauteng, followed by the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

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