Growth and Development at DataDot

Growth and Development a Priority at DataDot

At DataDot we believe Skills Development is critical in helping to build the South African Economy.

Six of our DataDot employees have embarked on a 12 month Learnership on Generic Management after receiving a grant from the Services Seta to assist with the process. The course is being given by Ishishini Lethu’s Innovative Training Hub – an accredited training centre whose focus is:

  • Basic Entrepreneurial and business awareness training
  • Leadership and life skills
  • Visioning
  • Customer service
  • Product specific training
  • Confidence building/Assertiveness
  • Marketing
  • Life Skills

Ishishini Lethu Development Centre (Pty) Ltd, (Ishishini Lethu) meaning ‘Our Business’ in isiXhosa, was established in 2013 to drive enterprise development initiatives and to increase skills levels through their accredited training centre in areas with high unemployment and to contribute to the creation of new business opportunities in this country.  Ishishini Lethu is a social enterprise addressing economic issues in South Africa. It applies commercial strategies and profits whilst creating social impact.

Under the umbrella of Ishishini Lethu, there are two core business units:

  • Innovative Promotions which manages community projects
  • Innovative Training Hub which focuses on training and skills development.

Ishishini Lethu’s Innovative Training Hub aims to improve the lives of South Africans by installing an entrepreneurial spirit in those who may not have previously considered this as a way to sustain their families. It supports the growth of Local Enterprises, Skills Development and Human Resource Development in a community.

We at DataDot South Africa believe skills development is critical for the growth and development of the South African economy.

For more information on Ishishini Lethu contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a look at some of the Projects we have been involved in.