"Sport and recreation bicycles can retail for anywhere between R 4,000 and R120,000. The SA bicycle industry has become a target of organised crime due to the high value of these bikes and the relatively risk-free environment a criminal operates in."

Microdots Applied to a Bicycle 3

Bicycles have a similar identity crisis to vehicles in that they have only 1 VIN or Serial number identifier. This issue is further compounded as there is no centralised database to capture this information and link it to owners. Thus the trade in new bicycles and second hand bicycles is completely open to criminal enterprise. Thieves are quick to swop or exchange parts on a bicycle after it has been stolen, altering its appearance and make-up, and making identification impossible by the owner or the police.

So why DataDot Technology?

  • Microdots are used to mark the bicycles, making the identification of the bicycle completely secure even if markers like the serial number are tampered with and removed.
  • Microdots contain a unique 10 digit PIN laser etched onto each of the 0.5mm in diameter dots - up to 3,000 of these microdots are then fitted to each bicycle making it impossible to change the identity of the bicycle and making the bicycle easily identifiable.
  • A National Cycle Register has been launched to counter the rising theft rate. This initiative is sponsored by DataDot Technology SA. 

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