SA Cycle Register

Bicycle and VehicleBicycles have a similar identity crisis to vehicles because they have only one Serial Number Identifier. This issue is further compounded as there is no centralised database to capture this information and link it to owners. The trade in new bicycles and second hand bicycles is therefore completely open to criminal enterprise and there is no way to effectively control this issue .......unless bicycles are marked and registered on a National Database where bicycle details are linked to owners. That's where DataDot and the SA Cycle Register comes in ....

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Main Aims of the SA Cycle Register :

  • Encourage bicycle owners to create a profile for themselves and upload and manage their bicycle information i.e. the make, model and serial number of the bicycle
  • Enable bike owners to change or transfer ownership, query owner and bicycle details and flag a bicycle if stolen.
  • Enable bike owners to view the service history of their bicycle which is completed by partner retailers at time of service.
  • Make it easier for the Police to identify bicycles or bicycle parts that have been stolen
  • Aid the police in prosecuting criminals

A decrease in theft of these expensive items has the potential to save the insurance industry and South African consumers hundreds of thousands of Rands. The initiative is supported by cycling industry leaders such as Andrew McLean, a top cyclist and commentator. "The SA Cycle Register has the potential to solve basic identification issues and will help to destroy the market for stolen sport and recreational bikes in this country," McLean said.

DataDot Technology expect more and more bicycle owners to opt for DataDot protection as they realise the advantages of the system. Each protected bicycle has multiple microdots on various parts, enabling the ownership of each component to be identified through a code linking it to the owner. The code is viewed or checked by a hand-held scanner provided to retailers and police.

DataDot deters bicycle theft, because thieves know that each part of the bike can be traced through the microdot code. Our partner retailers will verify information added to the register during a bicycle service, confirming that the information displayed is accurate. They can also help buyers or owners query bicycle details during sale or transfer.