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Q. Why apply DataDots or Microdots to vehicles?
Unmarked vehicle parts or easily removable identification markings such as VIN and engine numbers offer professional thieves many opportunities. Registration fraud, substitution of identity (re-birthing), chopping of parts and fraudulent warranty claims are some of the major challenges facing investigators and police. With 10,000 microdots sprayed onto motor vehicles we are in effect providing each vehicle with its own DNA! It is a proven fact that a vehicle with this degree of identification becomes less desirable to thieves.
Q: Does the DataDot system have to be activated as with tracking devices?
NO. The DataDot system is not a tracking device. It is an identification tool used in the recovery of vehicles.
Q: How do I know that my vehicle has been fitted with the DataDot technology?
You can contact DataDot on 0861 328 236 and we will refer you to your nearest fitment centre in order for you to have your vehicle fitment verified.
Q: Where on my vehicle are the microdots applied?
Each vehicle type has a different application specification where 10 000 Microdots are applied to 73 locations covering the engine compartment, vehicle interior and under-carriage.  Microdots are not applied to the exterior paintwork / bodywork of the vehicle. 
Q: What do I need to do should my vehicle be stolen?
Simply report the theft to the SAPS as per the standard procedure stating your vehicle has been microdotted. The SAPS currently have access to a national database of vehicles that have been microdotted and it is standard policing protocol to check this database and flag the vehicle status accordingly.
Q: In the event of damage to my vehicle, will the new parts fitted also have the microdot technology?
No - there is a good chance that these parts will not be microdotted. DataDot is fitted to many parts and panels throughout the vehicle according to SANS534-1 and if these panels are replaced, DataDot need not be refitted. If however you or your insurer would like the vehicle to be returned to its original specification you may have DataDot refitted by any DataDot approved fitment centre.
Q: What happens when I sell my car?
Any change to NATIS/ownership details are available to the SAPS via their system which in turn has links into the national microdot database. Hence when the unique microdot is identified it will be linked to the new owner.
Q: With the increased recovery rates and the quick identification of the owner, what happens if insurance has already paid me for the loss?
As per standard practice by the insurance companies, the insurance company takes ownership of your vehicle once they have settled your claim. The SAPS will therefore contact the relevant new owner / insurer once the vehicle is recovered.
Q: How will my insurer know that my vehicle is protected by DataDot?
Please ask your insurer to e-mail your new vehicles full 17 digit VIN number to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a data enquiry will be e-mailed from the national database in reply to the broker concerned. In addition to this most insurance underwriters and or brokers have access to this information via their links with TU-Auto and Tsohle-Unicode.
Q: Will I get a reduction in my insurance premiums for having my vehicle protected by DataDot?
Each individual is evaluated on their own merits when it comes to insurance risk. Your broker or insurance underwriters will need to establish your individual rate reduction based on your overall risk profile. The South African Insurance Association certifies this technology and is fully aware of the benefits. In general a 5% discount is available on request.
Q: Who can I call for more information or help with regards to DataDot?
Call DataDot on - 0861 DATADOT or 0861 3282368
Q: Is DataDot the same as a tracking device?
No. DataDot protects the identity of the asset it is fitted to and does not provide an electronic method of tracking the vehicle.
Q: Why do we need microdots?
Because it is currently very easy to steal a vehicle and to change its identity. Finding the microdots on the vehicle is easy, but removing all of them and changing the vehicles identity is almost impossible.