Response to Crime in SA 2017

How do YOU respond to Crime in South Africa?

In the recent Victims of Crime Survey conducted by Stats SA facts were provided about the crime situation in South Africa and in addition how individuals and communities respond to crime.

It was found that 51.3% of households implemented physical protection measures for their homes, followed by 40.8% ensuring their vehicle was protected and 10.8% made use of private security services. It was also noted that more protective measures were taken in households based in Gauteng and Western Cape, compared to other provinces.  In terms of physical protection of households Stats SA looked at the following categories:

  • Home protection
  • Vehicle protection
  • Private security
  • Self Help Groups
  • Carrying of weapons
  • Other

DataDot microdots mark and secure assets ranging from laptops and cellphones to vehicles and trailers. The success of DataDot has been proven in many cases and is effective in 3 of the above mentioned categories.

Response to Crime

The good news is that currently 31,000 low income homes have their assets protected with DataDot microdots through our BEE initiative, Ishishini Lethu. The household assets in these homes are uninsured and an ideal target for thieves. Ensuring that they can be identified if stolen then recovered is of vital importance. Currently the SAP 13 store is full of stolen assets where goods cannot be returned to owners as there is no identification allowing the police to trace the owner.

In addition the development of the DataDot App enables home owners to use it as an Asset Register. Marked items are recorded on the App so should an asset be stolen and recovered, its ownership is easily traceable. The question usually asked is “How will the Police know the asset belongs to me?”. We have supplied over 17,000 police kits to the SAPS and continue to train officers in the identification of microdots. In cases where stolen goods are recovered the DataDot App is available to aid the police in linking those recovered items to specific cases and owners.

This year we also launched our Pepper Spray to help individuals protect themselves. The Pepper Spray is lightweight, easy to operate and compact enough to fit in a handbag or pocket.