DataDot Technology SA is a proud founding member of MASA


the Microdot Association of Southern Africa.

This association plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of microdot technology in South Africa.

The Microdot Association of Southern Africa (MASA) was founded by four Microdot Importers and Distributors in order to ensure the successful implementation of the Department of Transport National Standard SANS534-1 and Regulation 56. The members of this company incorporated under Section 21 have been ahead of time with their commitment to using microdots:

  • to reduce the number of vehicles stolen and
  • to increase the recovery rate of stolen vehicles to a minimum of 50%.

The Association will be used as a forum for working with all sectors of the microdot industry, the government, and other interested parties. The key stakeholders involved in the development and the use of microdots on vehicles understand the need for an integrated approach to:

  • Monitoring
  • Problem solving
  • Enhancing the technology all in accordance with the legislation.

Their main principles are transparency and accountability to the industry and to the general public.

These points are embodied in the Constitution, Code of Conduct and Dispute Resolution of the Association. It is particularly important in this relatively new industry that there are professional standards and regulations for operating procedures and business practices. MASA believes it is in the best interest of all stakeholders to work together to ensure the success of this important initiative.

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