Bonga Cycling Academy Microdot Their Bicycles

Bonga Cycling Academy Microdot their Bicycles

Last week DataDot travelled to Khayelitsha to microdot the bicycles belonging to Bonga Cycling Academy - an initiative of Bonga Ngqobane who is MAKING A DIFFERENCE in Khayelitsha. Born in the Eastern Cape he moved to Khayelitsha when he was a young boy. Whilst playing soccer he noticed a group of cyclists riding by and developed an instant interest in the sport. It wasn’t long before he had got permission from his mother to join the club and his journey into the cycling world began. He trained hard and moved up the rankings by successfully competing in races such as the CAPE EPIC and Munga MTB race from Bloemfontein to Cape Town.

In 2014, Bonga Ngqobane created the TAS Bonga Cycling Academy to introduce and expand cycling into the townships and get children off the streets. He believes that sport can give children direction, focus and discipline, and he endeavors to develop a sense of responsibility in each and every one of them. He has initiated an inter-school cycling competition in Khayelitsha involving a number of schools and in the region of 90 learners. In addition, he helps children with school work and has created a vegetable garden to keep them busy.

Bicycles have been donated by Cycling South Africa and the Pedal Power Association and Bonga spends much of his time travelling and connecting with various cycling clubs. He hopes one day that his cycling club will be able to cater for the entire community.

Bonga’s journey has had many challenges but his passion keeps him moving forward. He is excited about DataDot and how microdots make the identification of the bicycle completely secure even if markers like the serial number are tampered with and removed. He is also committed to making a difference in South Africa.

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